Richard Wiederman

You are a wonderful musician Pete and a very good photographer! Great playing with you along with Portugal, Anderson and Quinn.


Just saw your milt´s rythm video on youtube and wanna ask you if you can give me the notation of that song, didn´t find anything about in the web...
you´re an awesome player
Greetings from germany


Trying to learn the instrument and found your YouTube videos. Love your playing, I would be happy to be 1/10th as good as you are!


Hello Pete.

I am Ivan, a young bass player and music student from Spain.

I have listened to this video on youtube (really nice performance):

I liked the sound of your bass (my teacher made me know about it). But I would like to listen to it alone to hear the tone of the bass.

Would it be possible to have from you an audio/video clip playing the bass alone?

Thanks very much. Kind regards.


loved the sound you have on the youtube with Frank V. you coming to the west coast any time soon? a real pleasure to listen to. swing on!

Bobby Brennan

Man, you sound great :) Do you teach, where you located, city or Island??

John Cotsonas

Hi.....I'm the guy who asked about your Mirabella at the GC street fair.
Just dropping a note to say nice bass, nice playing, nice website(s) and
sorry I couldn't stay to chat.
Have fun,

- John


Also had the pleasure to catch you on youtube. Amazing!!! You are living proof that classic slap bass technique can add a great deal to any musical performance. I most often play Rockabilly, but I can promise you that I am going to delve back into my jazz studies pronto...CHEERS


Hi there, Pete
I have seen your Slap-bass video and your lesson on Youtube... really good and interesting stuff, it is a pleasure to watch you. I m trying to play Ubrightbass by myself since a while now( especially Rockabilly). Unfortunately I dont have someone who can teach it to me... so I really like your youtube lesson and I hope to see some more soon ;).

All thumbs up, Daniel

Pete Kossen


I just want to say how inspirational the article you wrote over at is. I have struggled with learning jazz for a couple of years but you comments on transcribing have really helped me out (and to think I was told not to transcribe by teachers..!)

Have you got any tips on what/how to transcribe? I have mainly be getting into Ron Carter and Paul Chambers basslines and taking stuff and playing it through different keys and changing it around. Is there much else I should be doing?

Anyway, love your work!

-Pete Kossen, sydney australia

Jazz Video Guy

Love your version of Killer Joe.

Massimo D'Andrea

Hallo, i have listen you in Soave : beautiful with your band and Tommy but also unplagged in front of a church. Regards

elliott caplan

Rachael told me to check out your website before we see you in concert. I'm impressed! It will be nice to hear you again. Maybe I'll bring my friend Victor Wooten with me. Have you ever heard of him?

Steve C

Don't forget your roots. You prommissed to play for Chris' wedding....comming soon.
Italy??? Nedd a photographer? Nikon only!
remebey eli

ken steiner

I like your video - I just posted this, and you may have not seen it before. It's Milt Hinton on the Tonight Show. Enjoy

roger harper

pete seen you at the thumpickers convention in nashville, and was very impressed. you guys were great, hope you come back next year. keep up the great playing. roger harper


hello from france
i saw your video "slap that bass"on you tube.just to say it s great .i m big fan of milt.welldone brahim


You and your band HAVE TO come to Chicago. You guys will blow this town away. Good luck and God Bless.

Greg Verheyn

The site looks great...Its good to see you hustling. Take care!

Erin Leitten

Hi Pete, looks like things have really taken off for you!
Best of Luck, hope to see you again some time in the future... BTY, I'm proud of you for experimenting in different inspirations!


Mark Portugal

Hey Pete, love the website man..keep up the good work - you sounded great at the gig last night. Keep up those etudes... Portch

Bob Slowey

Geat show in Baltimore! It was great to meet you again.

Frank M

Pete...great to see you fufilling your dream ! The music sounds great...good luck with the new gig !

Dan Rakow

great people make great music

Zack Page

Congrats on the Frank Vignola gig. If you guys are playing in Brooklyn, let me know. We corresponded once on talkbass. I am a bassist, used to play with Israel Bannerman in North Carolina.

Jennifer Carman

Love your website and really enjoy your music...